Here’s one thing I can truly say I have. I know with absolute certainty that when I take inventory of this item, it will be there. As it always is.

My breath.

No matter where I am or what I am doing, I have my breath to fall back on. When I check, it’s there. Isn’t that something? I can be having a full-fledged stress response triggered by incessant thinking, grasping, and deep existential confusion, and yet, there it is: lapping away proud and strong. It’s not an emotion, or a thought structure or an obscure identity attachment, it just is what it is: raw sensation.

It’s the one true constant.

I have my breath when I don’t know what to think. I come back to the breath and observe its simple rhythms. Instead of engaging a narrative about who I am. The breath is indifferent. Pleasant to be as it is, as life reverberates through it.

I have my breath when I engage with others. I come back to the breath and engage an open awareness to what my friend has to say. My breath is always there: providing life energy for this moment in time.

I am my breath. We are one as we reach into infinity and gather vital air to fuel awareness. Without the breath, there is no awareness. It’s a crucial tool to have, and I have it.

It’s a gift, and I have it.


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