This is something I’ve heard on numerous occasions: if you could just get out of your own way.

I never really understood the concept. I guess it’s a problem to try real hard. To be disciplined. It seems to clog up the human reward systems leaving you slipping into an existential crisis at every turn.

But still, I don’t get it. Who am I? The person in the way or the person trying to get through? I suppose when I let this gentleman by, I get to assume his POV right? I get to be the person who is going somewhere while the other person gets out of the way? Because if not, then I am not down.

These consoling words of advice never stand up to my fierce reasoning. They don’t resonate with me. I always think too hard about them. I try too hard.

Try less to do better. Sounds tragically backward. But in a cruel twist of irony, it actually might not be. Or at least I’m hoping because I’m taking the idea on.

So here’s to that


2 thoughts on “Get Out of your Own Way

  1. I think we are both. Meaning our conscious and unconscious selves. We are our conditioned and fearful human minds as well as our higher intuitive selves. Constantly in battle. Bringing this into alignment means that you’re no longer resisting your higher self with roadblock HUMAN ignorance and limited thinking. Alignment meaning practicing: eating and drinking clean, nature, yoga, breathing, meditation. This will give you tools in keeping the balance.


    1. Well put. Certainly meditative exercises can seat you in your higher self with some consistency but like you said the battle is real. And when we are stuck in the appetitive operatives it can feel like the higher planes are entirely out of reach.

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